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  • Dr Lawrence Agbemabiese, Energy Branch, UNEP?s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, Paris
    Programme Officer, responsible for programmes related to energy SME development in Africa. Expertise spanning integrated resource planning, as well as small enterprise development focusing on policies, regulations and stakeholder capacity-building. Also working on a number of research initiatives, including an on-going investigation of how development paradigms influence the evolution and sustainability of energy regimes.
  • Mr Anders Arvidson, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden
    Senior research fellow and programme leader of the Climate and Energy Programme at SEI with ten years of experience in working with issues related to energy, environment and development with a particular focus in developing countries.
  • Ms Alison Bannister, Future Energy Solutions, AEA Technology, UK
    Principal consultant and manager/ technical expert on several UK DFID energy research projects examining various aspects of energy, poverty and Sustainable Livelihoods with 10 years experience in development, environment and energy, mainly in Africa
  • Dr Joy Clancy, Technology for Sustainable Development Section (TSD/TDG), University of Twente, The Netherlands
    Reader (Associate Professor). Worked for the TDG since 1989. Research has related to transfer of energy technologies to and within developing countries with a particular focus on rural areas and gender issues. Currently involved with a climate change project on community forestry. Founder member of ENERGIA (the international network on gender and sustainable energy).
  • Prof. Anil Markandya, University of Bath, UK
    Economist: Long-standing academic experience in the field of sustainable development related to energy in developing countries, and as other issues related to energy and the environment.
  • Mr Monga Mehlwana, CSIR, South Africa.
    Energy Specialist with considerable experience in energy interventions in rural and peri-urban Africa, facilitator in EUEI workshops, and knowledge of the ARRED programme as independent reviewer.
  • Dr. Patrick Milimo, MDG Centre, formerly with the Millennium Project, Nairobi
    Environment Policy advisor, with over 24 years experience of developing strategies and concepts that breach existing gaps between policy and lack of effective implementation.
  • Prof. P.R. Shukla, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
    Energy Economist with expertise in the energy and development area, contributing i.a. the Asian experience on energy/development impacts.
  • Dr Youba Sokona, Director, Sahara and Sahel Observatory, Tunis, Tunisia
    Renowned African energy expert, co-founder of AREED, former director of ENDA-Energy

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