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July 2005 Inception report
A Kick-Off Workshop was held at Risø on 30-31 May 2005. The two-day workshop achieved its objective of bringing all project partners together to discuss the background for the project and the common approach, assign responsibilities and agree on detailed actions and a timetable for the first 6 months. The workshop provided an opportunity for all staff to become fully acquainted with the project and the partners.
Risø DTU
December 2005 First Progress Report Risø DTU
June 2006 Policy Makers' Needs
This report brings together the opinions expressed by stakeholders in the six participating countries as recorded by the partner centres.

The overall feeling is that energy projects need to be linked to other sectors and that DEA could help facilitate the process of looking at energy projects in a multisectoral manner through focussed groups such as multisectoral committees by working closely with partner institutions within a multidisciplinary framework.

Risø DTU
July 2006 Second Progress Report Risø DTU
September 2006 Second Project Workshop, Fringilla, Zambia
The purpose of the Second Project Workshop was to run through the proposed assessment methodology and to prepare the country teams to carry out the cases studies, ending at the end of the workshop with a developed research plan. This would be implemented immediately after return to their countries over the period June to September 2006.
Risø DTU
December 2006 Third Progress Report Risø DTU
October 2006 Botswana Case Study Report
Rural electrification by grid extension.
December 2006 Ghana Case Study Report
Rural electrification by grid extension.
December 2006 Mali Case Study Report
Women's renewable energy project
November 2006 Senegal Case Study Report
Dissemination of improved charcoal stoves
January 2006 Tanzania Case Study Report
Small-scale irrigation schemes powered by wind and solar energy
January 2007 Zambia Case Study Report
Rural electrification by solar home system ESCOs.
February 2007 Case Study Synthesis Report
This synthesis report brings together the results of case studies (WP6) undertaken in the six participating countries of Botswana, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania and Zambia, the purpose of which was to test the methodological performance of the Preliminary Assessment Framework (WP5).
March 2007 Catalogue of Energy Interventions
A total of 42 projects across the 6 countries were described in the catalogue of energy interventions. The catalogue provides the basis for the selection of case studies for impact assessments within the DEA project.
March 2007 Interim Technical Report (confidential) Risø DTU
May 2007 Literature Survey
This review identifies and comments on recent literature that can guide and assist in the empirical investigation into links between energy and socio-economic development, as relevant to small- and medium-scale energy projects in developing countries.
Risø DTU
June 2007 Third Project Workshop, Bamako, Mali Risø DTU
June 2007 Fourth Progress Report Risø DTU
July 2007 Assessment Procedure Guidelines
The Assessment Procedure is the methodological core of the DEA project. The guideline describes in practical terms how to approach the task of conducting an Impact Analysis of an energy intervention. The methodological approach, termed the DEA Assessment Framework, has been based heavily on findings and recommendations in the recent literature related to impact analysis.
Risø DTU
October 2007 Guide de Procédure d'Évaluation (en français)
La procédure d’évaluation qui a été décrit dans ce document constitue la méthodologie de base du projet DEA. Les directives décrivent en des termes pratiques la démarche à adopter pour conduire une analyse d’impact d’une intervention énergétique. L’approche méthodologique, définit le cadre d’évaluation de DEA, est fortement basée sur les conclusions et recommandations d’un document récent portant sur l’analyse des impacts.
Risø DTU
October 2007 Regional Workshop Arusha Report
The report covers the proceedings of the Regional Workshop, held at Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, Arusha, Tanzania from 16 to 18 October 2007. The workshop was attended by stakeholders from a total of 16 African countries.
Risø DTU
October 2007 Risø DTU
October 2007
  • Arusha Appendix 3 (field trip)
    The workshop field trip visited the village of Leguruki where a multi-functional platform (MFP) has recently been installed. The MFP is used for electrification, milling, hulling, oil press and battery charging. The MFP can be run by the locally available vegetable oil and was installed by Tanzania Traditional Energy and Development Organization (TaTEDO).
Risø DTU
March 2008 Final Technical Implementation Report (confidential) Risø DTU
March 2008 Project Summary
This project summary describes how these five components of the project were undertaken, leading up to the findings of the case studies and the presentation and discussion of the methodology among stakeholders from the involved six countries and 10 other Sub-Saharan African countries at the final Regional Workshop.
Risø DTU
  National Workshop Reports, see Workshops.  

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